What is the ‘Knowledge Platform’?

In Italy there are a large number of projects, cofunded by the European Commission within different Programmes and initiatives that have successfully tested environmental solutions, techniques, methods and approaches. They have enriched the knowledge base of the environmental issues and contributed to the implementation as well as further development of the related EU policies and legislation. Considering the large number of excellent projects in the environmental field (Waste, Resource efficiency, Soil protection, Air pollution, Environment and Health, Chemicals, Climate change adaptation and mitigation) it was considered necessary to make a strategic and pragmatic choice aimed at systematizing all the best environmental and climate practices to enhance and capitalize their experiences at the national level.

The IMELS developed the so-called “Knowledge Platform”, an innovative tool aimed at sharing best practices for environmental protection and climate action implemented in Italy with the support of EU funds. The Platform’s objective is to promote the replication of best practices in order to improve the efficacy and the impact of public funding. The “Knowledge Platform”, in particular, is a dynamic website collecting best practices developed within the frame of several projects funded in Italy by EU Programmes and initiatives such as LIFE, CIP Eco Innovation, CIP IEE and FP7.

Who is the user?

The Platform was set up with the objective to share best practices and to stimulate networking activities between the best practices’ developers and all those who are willing to replicate these actions. The Platform is addressed to all public and private entities that plan to invest in the environment, providing them with methods, techniques and models that have already been successfully tested in Italy.

What does it contain?

The Platform currently includes 82 projects, grouped into 8 thematic areas: Nature and Biodiversity (19), Water (9), Urban environment (4), Energy (5), Soil (5), Resources efficiency (16), Waste (11) and Climate(13). For each project a “datasheet” describes the results achieved and the main deliverables produced (Guidelines, handbooks, software, etc.). The “datasheets” are useful working tools for stakeholders interested in replicating the best practices collected in the Platform.

Furthermore, the web site features a section on national and EU environmental legislation, and one on funding programmes that provide grants for environmental and climate-related actions. The platform will moreover allow visitors to stay up-to-date about the latest environmental technologies in key areas.

What is the aim?

The main objective of the Knowledge Platform is to facilitate the access to best practices, contributing to transfer them to those seeking proven solutions that can be easily implemented by public authorities (Central Administrations, Regions, Local Bodies, Research Centers, Parks, Universities) or by SME, in order to improve the effectiveness and impact of public funding.

The Platform is a knowledge management tool (always updated). It works as an instrument to collect all the best practices and it is also going to become the hub for a national communication campaign aimed at promoting the knowledge of the proven solutions.

Knowledge Platform Focus

  • Complementarity: making effective the optimal use of the EU funds in the environmental protection and climate change adaptation/mitigation sectors, maximizing the impact and effectiveness of European public funding through Programmes and avoiding the risk of double funding;
  • Synergy: to avoid that investments are made for their own sake, but ensure that they have a greater impact on territories and sustainability over time. In this way synergy also means enhancing the impact of the Funds;
  • Sharing: collect and share all the information on the best practices and the tools developed financed in Italy during the programming periods 2007-2013 and 2014-2020;
  • Replicability: means exactly to adapt efficient solutions (immediately implementable) already tested in Italy in other geographic areas (Italian and European) which have the same environmental and climatic problems;
  • Improve the efficacy of the funding use and increase the results of the best practices supporting the environmental and climate protection;
  • Put in touch the best practices’ developers with all those who are willing to replicate these actions;
  • Support the networking with existing platforms and thematic networks;
  • Facilitate the replication and implementation of the project results
  • Inspire Normative Update;
  • Foster public - private partnerships.